Tuesday, August 27, 2013

And So It Continues.....

Day 2 of the back to school marathon.  Today, Sarah started her back to school/first day of high school adventure.  The excitement she has had for months about going to high school disappeared on Sunday as fear seemed to squash all the positive feelings she had previously had.

Jay and I spent a lot of time trying to reassure her, but I know our words alone weren't going to take away all the uncertainty.  It's too bad that 'magic mommy kisses' aren't effective for older kids!

The poor kid had an awful nose bleed last night right before bed that kept her up later than she wanted to be, too!  Despite a little less sleep than she would have liked, Sarah was up bright and early and ready to go!

Sarah seemed calmer this morning.  I know that she's going to do great!  Not that all the days will be perfect, but she is ready to embrace the challenges of high school.  I can't wait until she gets home from cross country practice to hear the details!  (Hopefully she will be more descriptive than her brothers' answers to how their first days went  in the past..."Fine."!)

I'm still nervous for her....and all of our other kids as they begin their own school journeys this year over the next week.  My anxiety level was definitely up there today...but we are going through a lot of changes over the next week so I am trying to be patient with myself.

I keep telling Sarah that it takes a month to get used to something new...and I need to take that advice myself.  In one more week, the last of the kids will have their 'first days' and we will be able to settle into a fall routine.  Their lives will hit a stride, and I will get used to their routines and work on creating one of my own.

I'm hoping I can use our schedule and routine to inspire organization in all aspects of my life this Fall!  For now, though, my focus is on getting all the kids settled into their new school year with everything they need!