Friday, August 2, 2013

And My Favorite is.......

Wrapping up the week...boy, did this one fly by!    I'm sharing my favorite 7 pictures from our weekend at the Vineyard.  I'm going to be a little different and count down from 7 to 1!  I'm so excited to show you my favorite photo that I've been talking about all... week... long!  
I hope you agree with me that it lives up to the hype:)

Without further ado.....

#7.  Mommy and Kate
I don't usually always love pictures of myself, but this one is a keeper!  
I'm usually the one taking the pictures so it's good to, at least occasionally, be in the picture!  
Liking the way it comes out is just icing on the cake!

#6.  Kate
Don't you just love those wrinkly thighs!  
I have to say, she is losing her baby chub more and more!(sigh)

#5.  A Loving Big Brother
This is a pic of Kate and Luke looking out the window on the ferry. 
 Do you see how Luke has his hand on her back in a loving and protective way!  
He loves his baby sister sooo much!  
Luke is so patient with her even when she is wrecking his creations or throwing sand on his head!
It makes me melt all the time watching the two of them interact together!  
It makes me feel so blessed to have them...and that they have each other!:)

#4:  Luke in His Pepere Hat
I love this hat!  
My grandfather wears hats like this all the time...except his are tan, not bright blue!  
Luke's middle name is my Grandfather's name, Arthur, so it seems even more appropriate to wear Pepere's type of hat!
(Note the truck sand toy Luke found in one of the stores on Circuit Ave. and bought with his birthday money from his Great-Grandma!  That boy and his trucks!)

#3:  My Goofy, Beautiful Daughter
I asked Sarah to say cheese...and she did!

#2:  Daddy and Kate
Kate was putting fistfuls of sand on Jay's leg and he would tease her and she loved it!  
Look at that love on both of their faces!


#1  Kathryn Marie
Does it not look like she was photo-shopped into this picture?!?  
The sky is incredible!  
The blue of her dress against the sky is incredible!
Holding the sides of her hat with her cute, little, love, love it!

Thanks for letting me share our weekend vacation!  Opportunities for family memories is a blessing!

Hope your weekend is filled with great family moments!

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