Thursday, August 8, 2013

Grouchy Doesn't Equal Love

I woke up in one of those no-good, rotten moods, little black cloud hanging over my head kind of day, today.  There have been several nights of 'less than stellar' sleep...and last night took the cake!  Luke whined off and on from 11:45 to 1:45.  Then I had an awful nightmare that had me wide awake at 2:15 afraid to close my eyes lest I go right back into the dream!  Then Kate woke up 3 times(at least) before 6.  Sigh:(

August is just flying by!  I have to get organized with the back to school lists.  Jon, Sarah and Ellie all start school the last week of August.  Mike moves to college on the 1st of September.  Luke starts pre-school and Andrew starts at our local University on the 3rd.  Peter starts the school year the latest on September 4th.(Ugh! With his summer program ending Friday that is just about an entire month home full-time!  Not easy...especially when my 'burnout is showing' after too little sleep!)

I'm sorry...I'm whining!  I know.  I just want to be grouchy the Grouchy Ladybug kind of grouchy!  (But I don't want to fight anyone:)

My friend, Amy Plante,(who just published her first book...a great fictional novel for teens called Lizzie's Light  Sarah loved it and I enjoyed it, too!  Click on the title for more info), posted a quote from her calendar today:
 "Love is a choice, a commitment, an action, a gift- may the spirit of God give you wisdom to follow your heart in the way of love today."
I guess grouchy doesn't equal love!  Sigh....

The lack of sleep, the busyness of the month, the lack of time to just 'be'....Jay is on call 2 weekends this month, too:(..., and all of the changes that are coming up are starting to get to me!

I guess I just need to remember.....

“So do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring worries of its own. Today’s trouble is enough for today.
Matthew 6:33-34

So for today, I will work on not being "Mom the Grouch"....and try to get a couple of checks on my to-do list!  (And hopefully a cat nap!)

Hope your week is going by smoothly!(and that you are sleeping soundly!)