Tuesday, August 20, 2013


After last week's craziness...and surprise...the weekend was, thankfully, uneventful.   Jay was covering the weekend again:(....but he only worked on Saturday morning and had one person to see on Sunday.

Not so bad.

Jay took Monday off...which we soooooo needed.  Originally the plan had been to take the kids to the Mystic Aquarium but then someone, (Jon), "forgot" to tell us he had a meeting at school to help plan the freshman lock up retreat at 1.

So, instead, we did some back to school shoe shopping.

Our trek out was mostly successful.  Only Sarah still doesn't have what she needs...but she did find the style shoe she wanted.  They just didn't have the half size she needed so we can order it online:)

Kate loves shoes!  

While I was helping Luke try on sneakers, Ellie was keeping Kate entertained.  Ellie was showing her different shoes and Kate was loving a sparkly pair of Hello Kitty flats.  Ellie put them on her feet and she was as happy as could be.

I didn't have any intention of buying the Hello Kitty shoes.  I put a super cute pair of brown Mary Jane type shoes on Kate's feet and then a pair of black ballet flat type shoes with a great pattern that were on sale super cheap.

Kate tolerated it all just fine...but when I was finished, she kept clamoring for those Hello Kitty shoes!  She wanted to wear them out of the store!

Kate posing with her shoes(and a mouthful of gummies:)

Jay is in so much trouble if she likes shoes this much and she isn't even 2 yet!