Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Quiet Sunday

After weeks and weeks of go, go, going on the weekends, we finally had a weekend to focus just on our house projects and our family!

I have missed this so much!

It is calming to work on the to-do list on Saturday and to designate our Sunday as a true day of rest.  It has been such a crazy month, especially with Jay working on two of the three past August weekends!  It makes me appreciate this 'normal' weekend so much more!

A quiet Sunday is like balm to my tired soul!  It recharges me....and I could certainly use quite a bit of recharging!

The best part about today, besides the 15 minute nap I got(!), was nursing a sleepy Kate on the couch while Jon read(and later slept for the second nap of his day) on another couch in the room, and I could hear Luke talking and giggling with Jay while they vacuumed and played in the pool.

It was just so peaceful...and I am very grateful for some peace!

There are some moments I wish I could just suspend in time and make them last and last.  Today is one of those moments for sure.  We are on the brink of another school year with lots and lots of changes in store for our family.  There are lots of times that I wish I could put off the changes for a little bit longer.

Luke will begin his school journey...and that makes him a 'big boy' even though it's a half day of preschool.  He's excited...and I'm glad that he's excited.  It's sad, too.  As much as my children can overwhelm me at times, I really do miss them when they are away.  It will be really hard to lose that time with my little guy who is very attached to me...and I'm really attached to him, too!  I can't believe that my "bonus baby", who was a surprise gift 4 years ago, is now old enough to start school!

It makes family moments like today even more special:)

I hope that your weekend was filled with some great family time, too!