Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Break From the Action

A little breather from the back to school adventure today.  Jon, Sarah and Ellie are all at school for another full day.

Next up will be Mike moving to Assumption on we have a little breather.  Sort of anyway, since he will likely need help packing and organizing and Andrew needed help with looking into changing his major(from biology to computer science) and changing around some classes today!

There are just so many details to each of my children's new school adventures!  Too many for one mama!(details, not children:)

The meeting at Luke's school went well last night.  He sat through 2 presentations fairly well....though he was so excited during his new teacher's presentation in his classroom that he was Mr. Chatterbox!  Watching him chatter and wiggle...while the other children were quiet and sitting...did not ease my mind about whether he will be ready in a year for kindergarten!

Luke is so excited to start school, though, that I think we will just proceed slowly and see what happens.  I want him to be happy and successful with learning and making friends.  Maybe he will surprise me and catch on to following the rules of a classroom....and maybe we will be reevaluating our plan in a month?  It could certainly go either way!

One day at a time, I guess....although this has felt like a really.long.week!