Thursday, August 1, 2013

So Where Are We Eating?

I don't know about your family, but a lot of our vacation seems to be about food!

Everyone in our family has their Vineyard favorites!  We tend to eat at the same places.....Vineyard vacation traditions.

The kids always want to eat a meal at Giordano's Italian Restaurant.  It is definitely a favorite.  We ate there on Friday night and no one walked away disappointed!

Jon and Sarah were taking goofy pictures while we were waiting for our meals:)

.....and a nice pic, too:)

One of our absolute must haves on Martha's Vineyard is ice cream from Ben and Bill's!  They have a ton of flavors of homemade ice cream!  Jay's absolute favorite is their Bailey's ice cream.  It's the only place we have seen it so far and he makes sure to have it several times over our weekend!  (He keeps trying to convince the owner of our local homemade ice cream shop to make Bailey's ice cream, too!  No luck so far but he keeps asking:)

My family is made up of several ice cream addicts!  We visited Ben and Bill's once each day we were there!  Jay got Bailey's every time...Sarah got Cookie Dough every time...Luke got Chocolate every time...and Jon got Mocha Chip every time!  They are creatures of habit...and take after Jay!

I made the mistake of having Kate share Luke's chocolate ice cream the first night and had to go buy stain remover to save her sweatshirt!  After that she shared vanilla with Peter.(one of the few times besides Grandma's chocolate cake that we let him cheat on his gluten/dairy free diet!)

Another fun place we eat is at Larsen's Fish Market in Menemsha.  Larsen's will steam lobsters and clams for people to eat on the beach or on impromptu tables made out of lobster traps.  My parents are professional Larsen patrons and bring their own foldable table.  Not everyone in our family are lobster lovers.  So up the hill from Larsen's is a little shack called The Bite where we pick up french fries and chicken fingers.  

It was a beautiful day on Saturday to eat outside...sunny but breezy so it wasn't too hot.  It's fun having a picnic outside and watching boats come in and out with their load of people or fish!

Peter loved the french fries!

Jon has always loved lobster!  He has expensive taste!

pretty sisters:)

...and we always have to have one breakfast at my Mom's favorite, Linda Jean's!

We always go to the Game Room and The Flying Horses!  Even the older kids go on The Flying Horses....and compete with each other for who can get the most rings at one time!  Jon had a lot of luck this weekend....he got the brass ring two times!!!  Both times he gave the free ride to one of his younger brothers-first Peter and then Luke.  When Luke stayed on for the free ride, Jon stayed on to stand next to him and.....Luke got the brass ring!!!  

Too bad Jon isn't 18 yet!  I would have had him buy a lottery ticket to see if his luck continued:)
I happened to be standing next to Luke's horse right behind Jon when he grabbed the brass ring!  I had my camera out taking pictures of all the kids and I snapped it at just the right time!
Jon looks a little intense and scary the moment after he grabbed the brass ring!

Here is a slightly more subdued, but still super happy, Jon:)

Definitely a fun weekend!  Stay tuned tomorrow for my favorite pic of the weekend!  Happy Thursday!