Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Weary Summer Moms

Do you know that scene from The Santa Clause II where Tim Allen uses most of his Santa Claus magic to create an incredible office party for the principal that he has a crush on?

I know..a Christmas movie reference is very random in the middle of August!  Please bear with me!

I feel like I am using what little emotional energy (a.k.a....'mom magic') I have left to try and create the end of summer that some of the kids really want/making time to prepare for the school year that is coming up faster than a bat out of you-know-where(!)/and still do the laundry, cooking, and cleaning because....get kids want to eat multiple times!

As I was trying to find some hidden inner store of enthusiasm deep inside myself today...(no luck!)...the Santa Clause II scene popped in my head.

I have to, have to, have to schedule time to do school shopping.  I actually like school shopping.  New pencils, new crayons, new shoes....I like that part.  The part I don't like is standing at the check out line with the carriage full!

Once again, a summer that seems to stretch long, almost endless, and full of possibilities, is almost over!

I find myself trying to cram a few fun things into the days we have left.  It's really challenging to do things with different combinations of kids!  Every outing feels like I'm organizing a military campaign across two continents!

Ok..maybe that's an exaggeration...but it isn't easy.  Taking some kids out leaves others behind...babysitters need to be found...future plans made so the 'left out' kids have something to look forward to.  It's so exhausting to plan that I'm too pooped to do the actual outing!

And OMG I am quite burned out!  My 'summer mom self' is this:

With so many changes happening in the next few weeks, everyone needs extra attention.  It's so challenging when one of the teenagers is talking about a struggle with their schedules and Luke and Kate are both yelling for me.  While multitasking is usually one of my strengths, sometimes the older kids just need my undivided attention.

I don't do 'undivided' well!  Usually I just walk away from those moments with the big 'inadequate' sign flashing over my head because neither the older nor the younger kids really got what they needed from me...sigh:( 

To all those other weary moms trying to make some special summer memories, I feel your pain!  

Hopefully, after these last ditch efforts to fill our children's love tanks, we will get some time to fill our own emotional tanks come September!