Thursday, July 4, 2013

What a Week!

7 Quick Take Friday

O.M.G....this week Monday felt like Friday!  Thank God we made it to the end of the week!

1.  Peter's Mystery Illness  
This week has been focused on Peter and his fever/turned stomach virus/turned rash, which led to the correct diagnosis of Lyme Disease.  He wasn't feeling 100 percent over the weekend and started vomiting on Monday.  He was worse Tuesday which led to a doctor's visit, which led to an ER visit.  After an exam to rule out appendicitis and a bowel obstruction, the dr. gave him some anti nausea meds and Peter finally  stopped throwing up!  We went home thinking fluids and rest were all he needed.

Until...he woke up the next morning sporting red circle rashes on his face and torso.  More circles broke out over the hour between calling the dr's office and getting to the appointment!  Since Mike had Lyme Disease years ago with the same symptoms, it was no surprise when the doctor confirmed that Peter had Lyme Disease.  I'm so glad we know what's wrong and, after 4 doses of antibiotics, Peter is feeling much more like himself!  He keeps singing the Doc McStuffins song, "I feel better, so much better...." such a cutie!
This was a picture of Peter on Sunday...obviously under the  weather since he fell asleep in the middle of the day in his hammock swing!

2. Party Weekend
Last weekend was party weekend with the official graduation party for Mike and Andrew on Saturday, and then a birthday party for my sister on Sunday!  June was such a busy month!  I was hoping that July was going to be a bit quieter...hopefully, the way it started isn't an indication of how the rest of the month will be!

3.  Pool Fun
With the sun finally deciding to show up, we have spent a ton of time in the pool!  It is so great to enjoy our backyard!  I even got Kate to go in the pool with me...and Luke is swimming around the pool with his floaties without hanging onto to anyone or the side!  Check out the picture of Luke and Jay having fun playing on their "noodle boat"!:)

4.  July 4th
Since Peter is still recovering, we kept the 4th really laid back.  We had a cookout with my parents, grandfather, sister and her friend.  Then we came home and played in the pool for a long time.  The 4th is still a tough day for Jay after, what he calls, "The Incident", that occurred on July 4th 2 years ago.  This year was easier than last year, but there is still some healing that has to take place.  I think he said it best when he told me he was walking outside with a very crabby Kate yesterday morning and he realized that if things had turned out differently, he would never have even met Kate since I was only a few months pregnant with her when "The Incident" happened.  

A very sobering thought, indeed!  Thank-you, God, that everything turned out "o.k".

On a lighter note.......

5.  Sibling Love

Ellie loves her baby sister!

Kate adores Peter!

And these two....I can't say enough about!  Luke loves his baby sister!  He is so kind and gentle with her....even when she isn't being so gentle!  Kate adores her older brother, too!  She wants to do everything he does!  In the next few pictures, Kate wanted a Popsicle just like her brother but when I went to put her in her high chair she threw a fit.  She wanted to sit right next to Luke!

Look at the way she watches him!  I love it!

6. My 'Right Hand Girl'
Sarah has become such a huge help in the kitchen.  She just steps in and helps with dishes and cooking without being asked!  I am very blessed!

We like to watch Master Chef, and after an episode where they made a lemon meringue pie, Sarah wanted to try and make one herself.  We decided to make it for the 4th of July at my mom's.  She did a great job!  It looked great and it tasted even better!  I should have taken a picture while it was still all intact...luckily there was still some left to give you an idea of what it looked like!  You can tell by the weird shape that people have been sneaking in the fridge and cutting off small pieces all day!  
Super yummy...good job, Sarah!

7.  Kate
Can I just say how much I love this little cutie!  (I love all my kids....she is just the most photogenic right now!)  Every day is a new adventure for her and she is so loved by all her siblings!  I just love how she slept the other day...."posing" in her sleep:)

Here is hoping for a relaxing weekend filled with lots of family time...and no doctor or ER visits!
Happy Weekend:)

Joining up with Jen for 7 Quick Take Friday!