Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Bumpy Road of Change

Today's weather is very un-summer-like.  I have to say that I am enjoying the break in the heat.  I'm not ready for fall yet, but I'm enjoying the fall-like day!

I spent a large chunk of my morning at the doctor's office checking on my thyroid gland.  Thankfully, everything looks fine right now which is a huge relief for me.  I've been stressed out about this appointment...thankfully the stress was for nothing!

I have been trying to be better about taking care of myself.  Unless I'm pregnant, I am generally not good about going to the doctor.  (Of course, since I've been pregnant 9 times in the last  21 years that isn't quite as bad as it sounds!)

Now that I'm getting older...shudder, shudder, cringe.....I have decided to try and get better at the whole yearly physical thing.  Not my favorite thing...ranked only slightly higher than a yearly visit to the dentist.

Seriously, why can't our bodies just take care of themselves!

I just want everything to be 'ok'.  On the scary slide to the milestone of 40(!), my invincibility armor is chipping.  I'm starting to feel vulnerable.

I'm also not liking how fast time seems to go by now-a-days.  Older More experienced humans had always told me that time goes by so much faster as you get older.  To a newer mom with several young children there were many days that couldn't go by fast enough!

Then I must have blinked!

Now time just whips on by and I feel like I'm running along behind just trying to catch up!

No matter how much I will time to slow down...or even stopping for a while would be good(!) isn't going to happen.  With our 3 surviving grandparents in their 90's, our parents on the verge of retirement in the next few years(Jay's mom retired early about 10 years ago), our first child getting ready to go away for his junior year of college and leave the nest for the first time, our second child starting at our local university, our third starting his senior year of high school, our fourth starting high school, our second youngest starting preschool, and my baby turning into a toddler before my eyes, things are changing.  

Change is hard...even when it's good change!  I'm not quite ready for it...but unfortunately that doesn't matter!  Change comes anyway!

Getting older is definitely a change that I'm wrestling with...and losing.  Good thing I'm a work in progress...I'm going to need some time to work through this one!