Tuesday, July 2, 2013

An Afternoon in the E.R.

You know how I just mentioned in my last post how I was hoping July would be a slower month...umm, yeah, not so sure.

I spent the second day of July in the doctor's office and then the emergency room because Peter had been vomiting off and on since Monday.  Tuesday morning Peter vomited every 30 to 45 minutes.  The doctor was concerned with the color...it was gross, I won't share!...and sent us to the emergency room to rule out appendicitis or an intestinal blockage.

Peter was sooo miserable.  I felt so bad for him.

Jay met me at the E.R.  Peter vomited(again) just as I got to the hospital.  I had left the house prepared with a bucket, bleach spray, and a roll of paper towels!  Unfortunately, I have had past experiences of kids getting sick in the car without being prepared and did not want to repeat those memories!

(The worse was when Ellie was about 8 and I was bringing her to the doctor's because she had a fever and a sore throat that turned out to be strep.  Just as we got to the office, she vomited all.over.herself!  It's one of those moments when you look at the situation and think, "Oh, crap, how the heck am I going to fix this?"  Luckily, I had a bag of maternity clothes that someone had returned to me weeks a while before and I was too lazy to hadn't gotten around to removing it from the car.  So, Ellie wore a maternity t-shirt that I tied at the bottom around her waist and I used another shirt to try and clean up the mess a little!  The joys of being a mom!)

Anyway, Peter had been extremely agitated when we were at the doctor's office.  He felt terrible, we were stuck waiting almost an hour before they got to us, and he was moaning and groaning in rare, special needs style.  No amount of shushing or distraction stopped the very loud vocalizations.  Understandably, the physicians assistant that examined him wanted to send him to the hospital.  It was difficult to figure out just how much pain Peter was in because of his limited speech and ability to answer questions.

Ironically, at the hospital he was an entirely different kid.  He was still vomiting every 45 minutes but there was none of the groaning.  In fact, when the doctor came in to examine him, he was asleep.  He actually slept through her exam which was a blessing because she could hear bowel noises and poke and prod his belly, which he had no reaction to.

So, two hours, a little anti-nausea medicine, a little pedialyte(which he hated!), some "regular" water, 2 more hours and we were able to go home.  I knew he was perking up when, 45 minutes after having the anti-nausea meds Peter jumped off the gurney and started rifling through the cabinets in his room saying, "No more doctor water(pedialyte).  Need a cup!"  Which he found and filled with bottled water I had in my purse!

Poor Peter was all worked up on the drive home.  He got very obsessive about which highway he wanted me to take home.  He almost worked himself up into a full blown temper tantrum, which I haven't seen in a while.

Then, when we got home, he wanted to eat since the meds were making him feel better.  But...he wanted hot dogs.  Ummm..no!  Then, he got all worked up about having a pear.  Against my better judgement, I gave into him.  Thankfully, it stayed down.  He is still pretty miserable, though less so.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day!

Jay and I are really overdue to spend some alone time together!  I didn't realize that an afternoon 'date' in the E.R. was going to be it!

I was really hoping July was going to be a less stressful month!  Hopefully, this isn't a true representation of what July has in store!