Thursday, July 18, 2013

Heat Wave

We are on, what feels like, day 632 of a heat wave!  It is so hot and humid outside!  Other than being in the pool, we stay in the air conditioned house until 4:30 when our back yard gets shady and it gets somewhat bearable outside!
Cooler air is (supposedly) coming this weekend.  It's kind of comical to think that mid to high 80's is a "break" from the heat!

I am slip sliding into my crazy weekend with the younger kids.  Of course, Luke and Peter have been not listening today.  I'm going to have to say lots of prayers for patience and protection from inspiration that is 'not from above'!  I can't say I'm looking forward to it but I am trying hard not to have a bad attitude that would just make everything worse.

I'm trying to focus on making the weekend special for Ellie.  (And distract myself from entering into a 3 day pity party!)

We invited Ellie's best friend over for a sleepover....which is a first at our house.  Jay's argument has always been that we already don't sleep so inviting even more people into our overnight chaos is not a good idea.  Since so many kids won't be here, adding one more isn't a big deal!

Our weekend will circle around movies, swimming, and eating...not necessarily in that order!  Pizza, sundaes, and popcorn are in the line-up for Friday night's sleepover.  Pancakes have been requested for Saturday morning's breakfast.  Sunday, I plan on surprising Ellie with a trip to 99's for her favorite goldfever wings.....but we will be getting take-out!  Trying to eat in a restaurant with Peter, Luke and Kate with only Ellie for back-up would not be good for my sanity!)

  Any other meal not mentioned will be scrambled eggs, grilled cheese, or hot dogs!(because I'm fancy like that:)

I plan on treating myself to minimal cleaning, extra reading and HGTV, and lots of praying for an uneventful and fast moving weekend!