Friday, July 19, 2013

It's Friday!

1.  Pictures from date night
I forgot to add in these pictures taken courtesy of Jay's Iphone.  We were on the way home from our date night  when I noticed the very cool clouds in the sky and I loved the way the light was coming through the clouds.  The bottom two are fuzzier in the picture, but when we saw it I thought it looked like an angel:)

2.  The Royal Baby
Though I'm not a huge follower of the Royal Family, I have had half an ear open to the pending announcement of the Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton.  Like most people, I'm curious to know whether they have a pink or blue royal bundle and what the baby's name will be.  To be continued....

3. Speaking of Babies....
Don't even think about it!  I will take out my angry eyes, again! 

I'm not talkin' bout me!  Although, I did have an ultrasound on my thyroid this week to keep an eye on a goiter I have.(I'm supposed to do it yearly...last one was 2008..oops!  Ain't nobody go time for that!) be 'fresh' I just wrote 'ultrasound' on the big calendar on our fridge.  As you can imagine, every time one of the kids noticed it there was a loud, "Mom...why are you having an ultrasound?"  Most of them were actually disappointed to find out the reason was not baby related!  Crazy kids!

Like I said before, this isn't about me.  One of my friends, Pam, is expecting her fifth baby in early February.  Being the girl that loves to throw a party, I offered to host a gender reveal party for them.  Once Pam explained to her husband what that was...I had to explain it to Jay, too(lol)...they were all for it!  For parents of big families, once you have a boy(they have 3) and a girl(they have one), looks of horror and disbelief ensue excitement tends to wain a bit from those around you!  Since each baby is a little miracle and deserves excitement and celebration...we are going to create something special!  (I hope!...but I have about 6 weeks to plan!)  I.can't.wait!  It's so much fun to surprise people...and I get to surprise a whole house full! :)

4.  Hump Day
I don't know if you've had the...ahem...pleasure of seeing the Geico commercial with the camel...but it is all my older boys have been talking about!(Jay included)  On Monday night, Jay played the commercial on his iphone about 20 times.  We have random deep voices shouting, "Hump day!" at random moments all day long no matter what day of the week it is.  And Wednesday...ugh...I cringed as it started before half of them were barely awake!  

Jon had a bunch of friends over on Tuesday night and I warned him before they got here that there was a 14 "Hump day!" # 15 they went home no matter how long(or short) they had been there!

5.  Never Ending Paperwork
I've spent a lot of time working on Mike's student loans this week.  I cannot tell you how frustrating all the paperwork is!!! And then, after it all goes through, I was trying to pick the repayment option we wanted and I couldn't find a code I needed.  When I finally found it, there were questions I had to answer to prove it was me and somehow I got them wrong!?!  I still don't get it!  So now I have to print it out, get more paperwork together for proof that's it is me, and fax it to them.  And our printer was out of ink!  UGGGGHHH!  I was ready to hit something.  That was not the highlight of my afternoon:(  Hopefully, I can figure it all out tomorrow!  This paperwork is torture!

6.  My Chocolate Lover
Kate figured out where we keep the chocolate chips.  Occasionally, she toddles over to the cabinet, grabs the bag, toddles over to the living room and sits down on the rug to enjoy her stash until she gets caught!  On Thursday, she found an unopened bag on the table as I was putting the groceries away.  She spent 10 minutes working on the bag!

Trying to bite the bag open!

Look, Mom, chocolate!

Such concentration!

7.  Success
(With a little help from Mom and chips from the bag already open!)

I hope you enjoy your weekend as much as Kate enjoyed her treat!

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