Saturday, July 20, 2013

Focusing on the Positives

Yesterday was a full day with book club in the morning and an extended stay into the early afternoon.  That worked out great since Luke was having a ball playing with the kids and grown-up conversation is always good:)

I'm still trying to remain positive during my 'flying solo' weekend.  So, here's a few positives about having half of the people in our house gone.(literally)

~I had some extra time to get things done.  I finished that stressful, never-ending paperwork for Mike's school loans in the afternoon and even watched the video that I've been putting off on anesthesia that I need to see in order to make Peter's appointment to have his cavities fixed.  Being special needs, he cannot sit still and keep his mouth open to have them taken care of.  I will call on Monday to make an appointment.

~It is sooo much cheaper to feed half the family...especially the smaller half!  I ordered from Dominoes last night, (Ellie and her friend's choice), and got the 2 medium pizza deal.  Even with all of us, we only went through one pizza and one piece of the second pizza.  Guess one other meal can be pizza this weekend....which saves even more money!:)

~I'm not cooking any big meals...again, saving money and lots of time.  I almost always make everything from scratch so, since we are doing quick, easy meals, or doing take-out, I have picked up an extra hour a day!

~Not only am I saving time on cooking.....clean-up is nothing!  I only had to run the dishwasher once yesterday...and that's only because I had book club in the morning!

~I didn't even have to do laundry yesterday!  It was great:)  I'm going to enjoy it because the minute everyone walks in the door on Sunday night, I will be drowning once again and this little 'laundry vacation' will be over.

~Watching Ellie have a friend sleep over and get to do things and say things all day without older siblings being critical was a nice change for her.  It's not easy having 4 teenagers/young adult living with you who forget what it's like to be 10 and expect you to be more like them!  I know once her friend leaves, Ellie will be missing her older siblings....especially Sarah.  But I think she will enjoy being able to talk and sing as much as she wants without someone asking her to stop!  (and Ellie can talk and sing a lot:)

~I don't have to watch Sport's Center for 3 whole days!!!!  Ah...bliss!  I can also watch HGTV whenever I want:)  Or any romantic comedy I want!  The choices are endless.  If only I could keep my eyes open a little longer at night!  I'm thinking of watching The Admission tonight after Ellie goes to bed.  We'll see how the evening goes!

Other than missing everyone, and being   the only one taking care of all the littles all weekend, the biggest negative is that I have no one here to take out the garbage!  I've been spoiled with a husband and three older boys in the house.  Usually one of them is around to force ask to take out the trash!  Not my favorite job:)

Here's hoping for an uneventful Saturday!  I'm off to make some pancakes for a couple of bleary eyed girls and the rest of the crew.

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