Sunday, July 7, 2013

Psuedo Date Night

Since we have been married quite a while(twenty years), and have a gaggle of kids, getting alone time doesn't happen all that often.  Since I wasn't able to get grocery shopping done during the week, and Saturday went by in a blur, Jay and I headed out on Saturday night with Kate in tow to get the shopping done. shopping was a Pseudo date night since (a) we were (mostly) alone and (b) we were out of the house and (c) we stole a couple of quick kisses in the aisles to make it more
I even had my hair all fancy in a ponytail!

Kate tried to get a little wild with the whipped cream!

The store was really quiet, too...bonus!

While pseudo date nights are better than nothing, we are definitely way overdue for some real date nights!  Our family's schedule is always so busy, and we are always so tired, that the energy it takes to plan, get ready, and actually get out of the house just seems beyond us!

I think I'm turning into a 'mommy blob'.  What is 'mommy blob' you might ask?  I think it happens when the big part of my life as mommy/mom takes over all the rest of who I am.  When my baby seems more like an appendage than a separate person because it's still hard to leave her for long....and the other kids have needs too that seem never ending!

Does anyone else go through that....especially SAHM, attachment parenting moms?  I find that it's so hard to transition into leaving the littlest one after almost never leaving them for that first year.  I've gotten a little better at leaving her for a couple of hours during the day to go to work once a week and occasionally to go shopping or to appointments for one of the kids.  It's still not so easy at night.

Because I've had back to back emotionally clingy babies, it has been a long time since I've had more than a few stolen moments to feel like I am my own person.  One month from today(Luke's birthday!) will mark 4 years of non-stop nursing.(between Luke and Kate..although getting Luke to wean took forever!)  Luke is still an emotionally needy little guy...which is fine...just his personality.(I have a couple of other kids that are like that, too:)  It's just challenging to feel like I'm meeting everyone's emotional needs and still have anything leftover for Jay....or myself.

I know this is a phase of life and I keep reminding myself that someday I will miss this.  I think some extra grown-up time is definitely in order, though!  For this week I will take the moment that was given to us....

So, that was our "date night"...sort of.:)