Saturday, October 6, 2012

Who Hears Who?

The value of persistent prayer is not that God will hear us, but that we will finally hear God.
William McGill

I found this quote so intriguing.  So many times I am bringing my requests to God with a particular path for getting my request accomplished already worked out in my head.  (And a particular time table for the answering of said prayer, too!)

While I am bringing my petitions to Him, I'm not completely relying on Him...I just want Him to do it my way.  Even though from my view my way might seem best...God has a much more complete(and perfect) view.  So often, things don't work out the way I hoped and it can make me stressed or frazzled.  However, things always seem to work themselves out in a way that was better than I could have imagined! 

I guess those times are just a reminder that God is much better at His job than I am!   

My 'Living in the Moment' moments today...working together to get the house (reasonably) neat, enjoying the sunshine and last of the warm, summer-like weather at the park, enjoying my extra clingy baby even though I had to clean with one hand, and laughing at my 3 year old reluctant potty trainer's comment at the grocery store.....

Luke was sitting in Jay's carriage talking about how the box of diapers were his.  I told Luke that he needed to use the potty and be a good boy and sit properly in the cart.  Luke banged on the diaper box and said, "No, I need my diapers and you be a good mommy."  Oh, brother!  Hopefully he will be using the potty by the time he's ready for middle school!