Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Rest

I'm grateful for Sunday rest.  A (mostly) relaxing day filled with church, playing with  the little ones, spending some time on the photo album, and a late afternoon Pats game.  Football is a bonding experience in our house and something the older boys...and the hubby... really look forward to.

I try to cook something a little fun and different on game day.  Today, Sarah and I made piggies in a blanket, taco dip, and mini burgers on waffle fries.  Everything was devoured so I think they enjoyed it;)

Now, it's half-time, and Jon and Mike have dozed off.  Jay doesn't look too far behind!

I still have (lots of) laundry to fold.  I'm hoping the guys will do the dishes after the game since the girls cooked!  But, I'm trying to enjoy this moment of family time before tomorrow morning comes and we all jump into a new week heading in different directions!

I so need this Sunday rest!