Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tales From Diaper Land

I thought I would share a comical Living in the Moment exchange that happened last night....

Jay was out, so the kids that were home were helping out a little more than usual.  Sarah was giving Luke a bath and I told Jon to take Kate out of her highchair, undress her, and put her in the tub, too.   So, Jon takes her into the bathroom and a minute later I heard......

Sarah:  "Eeewww...Jon, Jon, Jon she has a poop!"
Sarah and Jon:  giggling and laughing
Jon grabs the wipes and then you hear:

Jon (to Sarah):  "OK, wipe her butt."
Sarah:  "No, you wipe her butt."
Jon:  "No, you wipe her butt."
Sarah:  "No, you wipe her butt."
Jon walks out of the bathroom holding Kate on her belly like he's giving her an airplane ride.  Kate is completely naked...with poop all over her bum!
Jon:  "Mommmmmm....can you wipe her butt?"
So I go into the bathroom and wipe her in that awkward position, explaining as I go how to clean a little girl appropriately.(Which completely embarrasses Jon!  He cannot stand when we talk about body parts.  The medical field is obviously not his calling!  You should have seen Jon's face 2 weeks ago when Luke, naked from his bath and covering his private area so he wouldn't pee on the floor, looked up at us and said, "Mommy, I have stomach balls!"  Jon just shook his head and left the room. lol)

Jon obviously has a dysfunction about changing poop diapers in the wrong position, too.  He tried changing Luke last year standing up against the tub.  All we heard from Jon, (with Sarah helping him that time too), was.."Help"..."Oh, No"..."Ugh"..."There's poop everywhere!"

I'm pretty sure that sometimes Jon tries to do things poorly thinking we won't ask him to do the same task next time!  But, we are on to him, so he doesn't get away with it!  I generally don't ask him to change poopy diapers, though...because it's just not fair to the child being changed!:)