Friday, October 12, 2012


Today I will be linking up with Five Minute Friday....the word of the day allows me to embrace another aspect of my Living in the Moment theme...and our schedule is packed today(and tomorrow!) so a 5 minute post fits right in:)

The word of the day is:


This Tuesday will be Andrew's last home cross country race of the season.  Other than a few state meets coming up, the cross country season is winding down.  It will be a bittersweet moment.  This will be the first of the many "lasts" that will happen for Andrew this year as a Senior.

Cross country is Andrew's favorite sports season.  He has been a captain the last two years.  His three best friends in high school all run cross country with him.  Cross country has been a special part of Andrew's high school life.

I hope he has been able to enjoy each moment in an extra special way this year!  Andrew has grown so much in the last year..and I don't just mean his height.  I have seen him grow from an introvert who spoke minimally to joining clubs and becoming president of the youth group and sharing ideas and trying to lead and encourage the students around him.  

What a transformation!  I am so thankful for the opportunities he has been given and for how he has stepped out of his comfort zone to find and support things that are meaningful to him.

It gives me so much hope for his future...even as I embrace the sadness that comes with a child growing into a young adult and getting ready to step out even more on their own with each passing day!

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