Monday, October 8, 2012

Sunday Fun

Sunday was another beautiful fall day!  We finally got to do a yearly family picking!  We usually get to the orchard sometime in late September, but between pneumonia and rainy weekends, this is the first chance we have gotten!

Kate was decked out in her new fall outfit....
I just love the tights!

First, we went on a hay ride.
And, yes, there is someone missing.  Andrew was not interested in heading to the orchard despite multiple requests on our part:(


The hay ride brought us to the pumpkin patch.  Ellie went off in search of a big, round pumpkin.  Mike helped Luke find a "Lukie size pumpkin" and then found a perfect, giant pumpkin with Sarah.  Peter had fun wandering around the pumpkin patch.  Jon and Jay were walking around chatting and holding Kate.  I have to say that I did a really good job living in the moment and not just trying to efficiently(and quickly) pick a pumpkin and get back on the wagon.  I wandered around with Ellie as her search led her to the very corner of the patch where she thought she saw the "perfect pumpkin" when we drove up in the wagon.  She was very proud and happy with her choice.

After the hay ride back to the apple area, we walked to the trees that still had apples on them.  Jon was pretty excited that his favorite apples were available....golden delicious.  Usually, when we go apple picking in mid-September, that section isn't open yet.  

Luke had a ball picking apples.  Ellie filled her bag in only 5 minutes!  It's amazing how fast it goes with so many hands helping.

Can you guess what I did all afternoon?  I made an apple pie and 2 apple crisps(a regular one and a gf one for my dad).  Special thanks to Sarah for peeling the apples.  Then I made homemade nuggets and taco dip for the 4pm Patriots game and Jay made chili.

It was a fun...and