Thursday, October 25, 2012

One Moment at a Time

Thank-you to everyone's congratulations on our special anniversary yesterday!  If you missed my post to my husband on our 20th anniversary, just click here!  I am still working on wrapping my head around 20 years of marriage....I think it might take me most of this year !:)

There are so many ups and downs in life.  We have friends that are struggling financially and with job issues and with teenage issues.  We have a couple of bumpy patches ourselves right now....trying to be consistent with a difficult three year old, a child struggling with his faith and praying like crazy to figure out what we are supposed to "do" to help, and we need to have Jon looked over because his heart occasionally starts racing for no reason.  Sometimes it's just so hard being a mom!

Strangely, despite my heavy heart today, there is an underlying peace.  I guess that Jay said it best today, "These are opportunities for us to grow in trust."  That's definitely true.  Somehow, He always works things out, even when I can't see the next step clearly.

I'm trying to live in the moment today and take care of my family and trying to give everyone what they need.  Week 4 of the Fall Challenge I have been trying to do is to spend more time with my family...truly focusing on their individual needs.  With the number of individuals in this house, that is definitely a challenge.  Even though I am no where near doing it perfectly, I'm trying to be more present to each of them as the opportunity presents itself.  For instance, giving eye contact and really listening when they are talking, taking time to play with Luke throughout the day when he asks, snuggles with Kate.  I'm also trying to listen(and respond) to God's quiet, inner promptings to go the extra step and plan things if he puts it on my heart.  I need to fit in a trip to the mall to get Ellie some Halloween earrings...she got them pierced in September and is ready to take out the studs.  Plus, it will give us some 1:1 time which is definitely overdue.  She's also got a project due next week that I need to help her plan.

Sounds easy...but it isn't when I have to work around the school Halloween party Friday night which Sarah, as an 8th grader, has done all the planning for so it's an important event for her.(and the 8th grade parents have to help at...still not really sure how I'm going to manage that one between Jay's work schedule, needing to watch Luke and Kate at the party, Jon having an away soccer game, and Andrew being the mascot at the Homecoming football game.)  And a Saturday which will be completely full between a college open house with Andrew in the morning and early afternoon, a birthday party for Ellen's friend in the afternoon,  and Homecoming Dances for Jon and Andrew at two different schools!  Andrew is attending the dance at his girlfriend's school an hour a way!

Why is everything always on the same night!!!

Busy...but all good things!  Lots of opportunities to fill the emotional tanks of my kids with love!  It's definitely an opportunity to Live in the Moment through the eyes of faith and enjoy each aspect of real life with our children at all the different stages they are at!  We will get moment at a time.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And rely not on your own understanding:
 In all your ways acknowledge him, And he will make straight your paths." Proverbs 3:5-7

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