Saturday, October 20, 2012

Attacking the Clutter!

Today has been a very busy, but productive, day.

I started the day off early with a small Bible Study group that a new friend has started.  When I got home, Jay ran off to do an errand for the youth group and then a trip to the local hardware store.  By the time he got home, it was time to make lunch...which Jay volunteered to do:)

After lunch, Jay helped me tackle our bedroom.  We de-cluttered and Jay shredded and sorted and put things away in the attic.  After a couple of hours(!), it looks so much better.  I still have to re-organize our file folder of paperwork because one of our little ones made a mess of it.  I also still have 'picture world' to sort through...thanks to Peter(and my own disorganization)!  The will take several hours, if not longer, to sort through.  But it was a great start today and at least all the pictures are in one box.  (Except for the bag of pictures I have hidden from Peter in my closet...and the one in my drawer...and the one in the cabinet!)

It's so much easier, and faster, to tackle a clutter problem with an extra set of hands!  Thanks, honey:)

Oh...and did I mention that right now he's helping me make an apple crisp and quessadillas for a potluck we are going to?  Yeah...he's pretty great;)  I'm a lucky woman:)