Friday, October 5, 2012

All We Have To Do Is Ask

A new day.  Thank-you, God, for some sunshine after two days of rain!  Sunshine makes such a difference!  Sunshine is like visual hope to the soul....and I can honestly say that I needed this boost of hope today.

Sometimes situations and hurt are so difficult to face and work through.  I know, in my own experience, that when I am trying to work through difficult emotions, it can feel as if the situation is hopeless to change.  The past hurts have caused such a deep emptiness inside of me that seems impossible to fill.

I've tried ignoring the hurt and burying the hurt with denial.  Which, in case you're wondering, is not a good idea...if you don't deal with your problems then your problems will deal with you!  I've looked to other people to fill the emptiness..that always turns out badly, too.  I've tried filling the emptiness myself and that doesn't work either.  I get to a point where I almost despair of ever getting through the hurt and resign myself to try and enjoy life despite the crater I carry around in my heart.

But, that isn't living life abundantly...and that's what God promises.(John 10)

God can fill me completely and heal me of the emptiness that past hurts have caused.  With God's help, I can work to change relationships in the present.

God can fix all the brokenness so that I can live fully in the present moment without always falling into the potholes(and black holes) of past hurts.  That's what this month is all about...learning to live in the moment through the eyes of faith.  Sometimes that requires a detour into the past to fix something that was broken.  Not only will He fix it....He will help us use our experience of hurt and healing to encourage other people He puts in our path!  Healing and bringing something good out of bad situations...much better than carrying around emptiness all my life!

This healing is for everyone...all we have to do is ask Him!