Wednesday, August 29, 2012


And today there are two.....two munchkins left at home that is.  Everyone is back at school except Mike, but he's working.  So, Kate and Luke are my companions today.

After everyone else left this morning, I shut off the tv.  Kate was nursing and Luke was playing with his trains on the floor.  Except for his occasional toddler chatter, it was so quiet!

Honestly, it was delightful!  I miss my other kids and love having them home...but a break from all the chaos is really nice, too.

Luke and I read for a little while, then he helped me switch a laundry load and we headed outside.  Kate loves crawling around outside!  Luke wanted to play in the dirt and "make roads" with his trucks.(surprise, surprise!)  We pretended to be excavators and tow trucks, and then we ran around the yard several times at Luke's suggestion.

It amazes me that Luke has such a great imagination and understands so many different concepts already.  He wanted me to chase him and when I was almost ready to grab him he called, "time out" with a giant grin.  Then, after a 10 second pause, he yelled "time in" and took off running again.

It surprised me that he understood that concept as a newbie 3 year old!

It also reminded me of Jon.  Jon was a little older...probably 5 or 6.  Jon used to be a sore loser so he would make up his own rules in games that worked to his advantage.  For example, one day he was playing baseball in the yard with Mike, Andrew, and my dad.  Jon hit the ball and my dad was just about to tag him with the ball when Jon yelled out, "Timeout!  This is a "no tag zone!","and he gestured with his hand to include the area all around him.  It was funny!

When Luke yelled "timeout!"  it brought me back to all those years ago!  It's funny how a similarity can transport you so quickly back to the past!