Saturday, August 18, 2012

Home Again, Home Again!

Home again, Home again jiggety, jig.  Home Again, Home Again feeling like pigs.(Well, just a little!)

It's not easy being around all that chocolate, you know!

We had such a great time at Hershey Park.  We had some great family time and made some great memories.   The kids got along great despite all being on top of each other for 5 days.  They even did great on the long ride home....even with Luke singing the Bob the Builder theme song refrain about 6,000 times!

I think they all appreciated sleeping in their own beds last night!

I can't believe we went....and I can't believe we're back!  It's always a little sad that something you spend so much time planning and waiting for goes by so quickly!

The whole family had a great time.  They all loved the rides and the water park and the museum and, of course, the chocolate!  We have 18 Hershey cups from milkshakes over the days we were there(some people got sundaes or ice cream cones).

Mike mentioned this morning that he was having Hershey withdrawl and squirted some Hershey syrup in his coffee!

Some of my personal favorites were:

~Kate sitting in her swim suit splashing the water with her pudgy hands.

~Luke reaching out to hold my hand as we slid down the kiddie slide together with a 1,2,3, wheeee!

~Seeing Jon and Mike's faces completely lit up in a huge grin as they ran to get in line for another water slide.

~Peter and Sarah's excitement as they headed off to, (yet another!), roller coaster.

~Ellie's excitement over the coal cracker(a water flume ride)...which she got to go on twice:)

~Andrew sitting with Luke on the kiddie rides because he's such a great big brother!

~When Luke's kiddie ride would stop he would look at us and say, "I'm back!", even though he only traveled in a circle:)                                                 

~Seeing Jay relaxed and having fun joking with the older kids and swimming in the hotel pool with the little ones crawling all over him!

 One of our Favorite Places!!!
Fun Poses:)
  Jay teasing one of the kids!
 Daddy with his little girl:)

 Ellie in  the butterfly house with a yellow butterfly on her right shoulder!
Brotherly Love!
 Too much fun!
Our Normal Chaos:)