Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lost and Found and Fun

We are in the middle of a fun family vacation in Hershey, PA.  We spent a fun day in the park yesterday.  The older kids loved the roller coasters and Luke enjoyed the kiddie rides.  We spent hours in the waterpark, too, until everyone started to get a little cold and waterlogged!

On our way to our locker to change, we lost one of Luke's sandals.  Jay retraced our steps but didn't find it.(Ugh!)

Peter had been waiting to go on a roller coaster for a while and was starting to lose it so Jay took him and Jon and Sarah while the rest of the kids went with me to try and find some water shoes for Luke.  There were none in his size:(

As we were walking back to find Jay, I saw Luke's sandal on top of the garbage can cover!  Someone must have found it on the ground and put it up there!  Thank-you, St. Anthony!  I was so grateful!

Today, we went to Mass for the Assumption. Then we went to Hershey Gardens...which was beautiful.  They had a butterfly house, too, which I've always wanted to go to.  Ellie had several butterflies land on her....and she loved it.  Poor Sarah was really hoping a butterfly would land on her, but they didn't:(  One landed right on Kate's pudgy little wrist but it flew away before I could snap a picture!

At lunch, Peter looked at me and said, "I'm happy."  It was completely unprompted by me and was a nice treat!(Even sweeter than the chocolate:)

We went to the Hershey museum, too.  It was set up really well and SO interesting!  We all enjoyed learning about the man behind this big company.  We were impressed by how much Milton Hershey did for his community.

After some pool time, we had a great dinner and then headed back to Chocolate World for dessert. We also saw the 3D movie.  It was very cute:)  Peter LOVED it.  He was giggling and jumping up to try and grab the images.  It was hysterical to see him so excited!

Jon asked me something yesterday when we were in Hershey Park.  They were all having a ball on the tube rides and water slides.  Andrew spent some time with the older kids and then offered to come hang with me in the kiddie area with Luke and Kate.  Jon had run up to me and asked, "Are you having fun, Mom?"  And I was, but not for the same reasons that they were.

I looked at him and said, "I'm having fun watching you have fun!"

And I was.  Seeing the teenagers completely excited and happy and enjoying themselves is a lot of fun.  Seeing Luke running around the kiddie pools so independently and looking at me to make sure  I see everything he's doing is so incredibly cute.  The things he comes out with cracks me up.  Even Kate was having a ball sitting next to me in an inch of water, splashing and smiling.

What mom isn't happy to see her children so happy?