Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thankful Thursday

~Today I am thankful for a beautiful, sunny day.
~I am thankful for the love of my family and the inspiration of my friends.
~I am thankful for a loving, faithful  husband who is also my best friend.
~I am thankful for my children.
~I am thankful for my home.
~I am thankful that somehow we always make it through the week financially...even on the weeks there is                  more week than money!
~I am thankful that God always provides, especially when things don't go as we planned it.
~I'm thankful my husband is not a perfectionist and does not have OCD because I would be in SO much trouble as a house cleaner!
~I'm thankful that I am not the one in control, because God's plans are always better than mine.(Even when it doesn't seem that way at first...)
~I'm thankful for the chance to have another day to love and serve my family better and more fully.(Or at least try to!)