Saturday, August 25, 2012

Summer Moments

I think I'm cherishing this weekend more than I have any other weekend this summer.  Because it's the last weekend before school starts I want every moment to soak in and last as long as it can.

This afternoon, Jay and I took Peter, Ellie, Kate and Luke in the pool.  It is such the perfect day here today! Jay was making a whirlpool with Ellie and Luke, Peter was playing on the swings, and I was sitting on the edge with my feet in the water with Kate on my lap.  I was just soaking in the sunshine and enjoying our backyard.  You of those peaceful moments when you are just thankful to be present and alive and full of joy.

As I sat there trying to absorb every moment  of our time together I considered....did I do enough of this "just being" and living in the moment this summer.  It just felt so good!

I asked Jay, "Did we have enough of these moments this summer?  Did we take enough time to "just be" and enjoy the special moments of summer and this particular time in each of our kids' lives?"

Why is it, as moms, that we always wonder if we did, or are, enough?  Were there enough happy moments, or enough time together, or did everyone feel enough love?

Or maybe that's just me!?!

Jay's answer to my question?  "We had a great summer!  You are a really good mom."  (Awww...what a good husband!:)

Maybe it felt so complete and special because it's the last weekend.  Maybe since there is no pressure for "what do we do later" or "needing to plan more" that it was easier to "just be".

Whatever the reason, I am grateful for today and our time together.

Seeing summer come to an end is definitely bittersweet!