Thursday, August 23, 2012

Confessions from a Wannabe Shopoholic

I love to shop.  I would probably be a shopoholic if I had the time to shop....or the money...or if I lacked the presence of guilt every time I use my credit card!

So, when I have to shop for something, it's a real treat!  Since cooler weather is coming, (I love Fall weather!), there are a couple of people that need some clothes.  These couple of people happen to be the most fun to shop for!  (Uh oh, I'm in trouble already!)

You guessed right...Luke and Kate need clothes!  Baby girl makes me giddy just thinking about it.

A couple of days ago, my inbox contained the 2 dozen ads for clothing stores that we seem to receive every day!  I started deleting them until I got to the Gymboree ad.  Yes, Gymboree is my weakness.  And, no, sadly, I did not delete it.  Who can turn down 40-60% off Gymboree?  I love the colors and the cuteness and I avoid the store like the plague because my self control turns to mush.

So......I spent some time that first day browsing through all those cute little girl clothes!  Since Kate is a completely different size from last year she needs quite a few things.(Yay for me.. :( for Jay).  I do have a couple outfits from friends and a couple from my mom for Kate....and a few things for Luke.  

What harm does it do to put the outfits I really like in the shopping cart?  I can go through and delete things after, right? I can....really.

Cute little outfits...matching pants and shirts.  Ridiculously cute jacket but even I was unwilling to look over the price.....I did not put everything into the shopping cart!  And the tights....I fell in love with the orange striped tights that go with the shirt with the pumpkin on it!  Little jean skirt with pumpkins?  Jeans with little sunflowers on them?  Adorable!  But....I could get a plain jean skirt and regular jeans for cheaper at Old Navy that she could wear all winter!  So I opened a new tab and hopped over to their site.  Uh-oh, now I'm working on two shopping carts!(But technically saving money by not just buying from Gymboree!)  So it's a good thing:)

Each day since then I have spent a little time tweaking the shopping cart.  Of course, it seems for everything I take out I put something else in!  I'm still hesitant to complete the order because we're playing catch-up with a couple things and I don't want to overwhelm the budget!  I think waiting 10 more days should do it!  (Plus, maybe by then some items will sell out and will lighten the shopping cart!) I LOVE to shop!