Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Seeking that Still, Small Voice

You know when you have an unsettled feeling that you just can't shake?  I just don't like it!  It makes me want to 'turtle' and keep my world really small to make sure it's safe.

I really don't know why.  There's no real reason.  I'm trying to work on doing an internal check...trying to determine if I'm in need of a spiritual chiropractic adjustment.  I want to be aware of that still, small voice that is guiding me each day...especially with the holidays coming.  I want to be generous where God inspires us to be generous.  I want my children and husband and family members to feel special without going overboard and feeling guilt.  I'm looking for balance...and I want to do it the right way.

I want to make the right choices every day..in my thoughts, in my actions, in my speech.  I just need to stay on the right path.  In the past, my m.o.was to rush into things based on initial feelings.  I have been very good at convincing myself that something is the right thing to do without stopping and listening to the small voice inside of me (and waiting for the answer).  Sometimes, it's all about timing and I screw up the outcome because I see the first step and run down what I think is the right path only to find myself completely lost several steps later!

Just because something is good doesn't mean it's supposed to happen right now.

Listening to directions has never been my strong suit!  It was the comment written on my Kindergarten report card:)  I have been working on this over the years.  Thankfully, it's gotten a lot better!  (God's Grace!)

I guess that's why trying to focus on Living in the Moment is important to me.  It teaches me patience, and to pay attention to details, and helps me to be more open to the direction my life is going in.  It gives me a clearer vision to give me the opportunity to make better choices.  Not that I always choose well..but I'm getting better at it(most days;)

Thankful Thought # 13:
I am thankful for the little things that warm my heart...like Peter singing to himself, Kate's sweet smile and the way she says "hiiii", Luke's enthusiasm, and listening to my older kids playing games together and enjoying each other's company.