Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Month of Thanks

It's late in the day to post, but I wanted to get in a little something!

I read a blog(Gifts We Use) that is using the theme of a 'month of thanks' for November.  Their format calls for using Instragram...but I will adapt it for my IPhone/Android-less life:)  I thought the theme was a great idea!  It's easy...each day I will write/show a picture of something I am thankful for somewhere in my post.

Since it's the 3rd, I will catch up by listing three things I'm thankful for today.

#1:   Faith:  In good times, and especially in bad, I am grateful to have Someone to turn to that is control of all things.

#2:  The flock of wild turkeys that were running in the woods right behind our house tonight.  It was hysterical when they flew up into the trees.  It made me hungry for my Mother in law's and Grandma's stuffings!

#3  Generous family members that have taken a ton of stress off of Jay and were an unexpected answer to prayer.(Thanks Mom and Dad:)