Friday, November 16, 2012

Mama Duty

Five minute Friday today..perfect for busy Mamas with clingy little ones...

The word is:

In the middle of the night, mama duty calls.  Warm cheeks and cold feet and quick breathing....fever.  Kate's cold combined with teething has taken its toll on her little body.  At 3am the house is quiet.  I try not to wake everyone as I change Kate's diaper and switch her flannel jammies for a cooler pair.  I give her tylenol and sit with her on the couch to nurse her in the semi darkness.  My beautiful baby girl gazes up at me with her big, blue eyes.  After a while, I bring her into my bed.  She will stay next to me tonight.  It takes a while for her to settle back to sleep.  She finds comfort laying her head against the skin on my neck.  I rub her little back and hear and feel her breathing slow and steady until we both drift off for some very needed sleep.

Thankful Thought #16: