Friday, November 2, 2012

Opportunities to Trust

All I can say is..."Wow!!!"  Being the featured blogger on the SITS Girls site yesterday was an incredible experience!  I received so many encouraging and positive comments from lots and lots of women!  To see my inbox SO full of comments was an amazing experience!  Thanks to the SITS Girls, all my visitors, and a special thank-you and welcome to my new followers!

It was such great timing, too!  This week has been a tough week.  Parenting a young adult is proving to be extremely emotionally draining.  Finding a balance between what's expected as a member of our family living in the family home with finding the right level of  independence for him to make his own choices  is hard.  What's most discouraging is seeing his struggles with faith.  I hope that someday he will be able to choose his faith for himself, but it is so difficult as a parent to realize that the faith that he has practiced his whole life has not been absorbed into his heart.  I know the seeds are there...and God will do the growing...but it's not easy to let go.  It makes us feel like failures...but I know that he has to choose faith for himself.  I really believe in my heart that he will choose he matures and as God works through the road blocks in his heart.

But, he has sucked all the emotional energy from us the last two weeks.

On top of that, Jay found out that his company is restructuring work hours to save money.  The short story is that basically they are cutting his hours and any opportunity for overtime.  Because of Medicare cuts, the per diem job he works isn't as reliable either.  Jay's such a hard worker and good provider.  This is really stressing him out.

Honestly, I have a peace inside that can only come from God.  Good thing!  The last thing our family needs is both parents stressed out!

I'm trying to be patient.  After all, when God closes a door he always opens a window!  We might have to adjust things a little and rearrange some priorities, but that's ok.

It's definitely an opportunity to trust while Living in the Moment!

Philippians 4:7
And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, shall guard your hearts and your thoughts in Christ Jesus.