Friday, November 9, 2012

Quiet is My Long Lost Friend!

I'm linking up with 5 minute Friday today:)  The word of the day makes me laugh out loud....


Now that I'm done laughing...quiet is a long lost friend.  I so desire to meet with 'Quiet'...I miss it immensely. Sometimes I think back to my before marriage and baby days that seem so long ago...and really were(20 years).  I used to spend so much time listening to music and playing with my hair creating up-do's.  I used to take a bath with bath oil and read in the tub while I soaked.

There is no quiet in my house....hence the name 'normal chaos'.  I appreciate the occasional silence every now and then.  It's almost nonexistent since Kate has arrived, but it will come back around.  At almost 11 months, we are almost at the point where it won't have to be mommy time 24 hours a day.  As much as I long for the break, I will be sad at the end of that baby stage.  Maybe our last?  

For now, I will schedule in my quiet time when I can and try and enjoy this chaos while it lasts.  Someday, I will have more quiet than I know what to do with...

Thankful Thought #9:
I am thankful that I have a husband who is able and willing to use a vacation day to take his daughter on a field trip.  Ellie was SO excited to have her dad all to herself for the day!