Thursday, November 29, 2012

Just a Random Day

I'm reading a book right now called Unglued with 3 other women in our week day book club that meets every two to three weeks.  It's a very interesting...and challenging book... that focuses on the way we react to situations in our life.  We are only on chapter two, which brought up a lot of good points about perspective.  Perspective is very important...our response often depends on how you look at a situation.  Trying to put a positive twist on a tough situation is not easy...neither is waiting to see the good(and the healing) that God can bring out of any situation, no matter how tragic.

During the book club, our little children are here.  There are three boys, (5,3, and almost 3), and three girls, (20 months, 15 months, and almost 1 year).  Can I tell you how hysterical it is at the differences between the two sets of kids already?  The boys go through waves of crazy....playing quietly together one minute and running around like nuts the next...with the occasional refereeing that needs to happen from one of us moms to insure safety and avoid a trip to the er!

The girls are sitting on our laps snacking or crawling/walking around finding toys and talking/babbling to each other.  I know that they are younger, but you can just sense the differences in their personalities from their rowdy brothers!

So funny:)

I know that this is a little random, but I really liked today's quote from Catholic Digest again today.  It showed up twice in my inbox this morning...that happens occasionally and, when it does, I always figure that it is a sign that I'm supposed to pay extra attention to it! ;)

It is a Jewish saying:  God is closest to those with broken hearts.

Though I have related to having a broken heart many times, I don't feel that way at this moment.  I thought that maybe I have a reader who might need to hear it today?

Regardless, I like the quote.  It makes me think of, "God will not break the bruised reed."(Matthew 12:20)  It also reminds me of all the times that I have brought my broken heart to God, and laid it all before Him, and how He has healed my heart.  (And how almost every time His help and healing has come in very unexpected ways!)

Thankful Thought #29:
I am thankful that my children have each other.  (Even though some days they don't appreciate having siblings!)