Saturday, July 7, 2012

Trying to Make the Pieces Fit

I still haven't gotten that quiet time I've been hoping for.  I thought it would happen today but Jay is under the weather.  It was another one of those days when I was on plan D by breakfast...and breakfast was a yogurt I inhaled before running out for the 3rd "taxi drive" of the day(and it wasn't even 9:15 yet!).

I was able to go visit my grandmother today.  She had fallen a month ago and broke her hip.  I haven't gotten a chance to see her so I am glad I finally had an opportunity today.  I took Ellie, Luke and Kate with me.  She enjoyed seeing how much Kate has grown since she last saw her in mid-May.  Luke was all over the place but it was still a nice visit.

I am re-committing to seeing my grandmother once a month.  Not seeing her is a source of guilt in my life.  She doesn't live very far away...only 40 minutes.  It's just far enough away that it takes planning to head over.  She lives in senior housing...which is very bringing all the kids is out of the question.  (And bringing Peter is really no visit at all.)

Like I said, just need to plan it and put it on the calendar...amidst all the other chaos....but this is important.

Sometimes I feel like life is a constant game of Tetris....every piece(life event) coming at us needs to be fit into our lives just right so that we don't get that backload of "pieces"  that leads to a game over...or in real life, to an emotional meltdown!