Monday, July 30, 2012

Martha's Vineyard

We had a fun weekend on Martha's Vineyard.  My parents have a home there so we usually get to visit once or twice a summer.  This was our first time this year.

Andrew had to work so he stayed with Jay's sister and his parents.  I don't think he was disappointed because he got lots of special attention....I joked that he wouldn't want to come home!

The weather wasn't the best, but we still enjoyed the beach, and the game room, and the Flying Horses Carousel, and lobsters at Menempsha, and dinner at Giodanno's, breakfast at Linda Jean's and then Giodanna's pizza before we left on Sunday.

This year, Luke actually sat on the horse and grabbed the rings himself!  He had so much fun!

It was Kate's first time at the beach....

....she wasn't quite so sure about it!
Her siblings had a good time!

Most importantly, we had ice cream at Ben and Bill's multiple times!  Their ice cream is great....and rivals our local favorite ice cream spot, Acushnet Creamery.  The neat thing about Ben and Bill's are the flavors they offer.....particular family favorites are triple chocolate(chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce and chocolate chunks) and, Jay and Mike's favorite, Baileys.

Peter loves the Vineyard!  He loves it so much that when we leave he cries.  In fact, he was so upset about leaving he started crying 4 hours before we left!  He cried all through church, and all through breakfast, and on his trip with Pa to watch for planes at the airport, and waiting for the ferry, the whole ferry ride home and all the way home.  The only thing that got him to stop was going for cake at Grandma's house.  She had made a cake for everyone to enjoy after the family pictures we were supposed to take but had to postpone because of the weather.

Thank goodness for Grandma's cake!