Sunday, July 22, 2012

Off To The Fair

Today, Jay has headed out to spend the afternoon with Jon and Andrew as their pro-life retreat weekend wraps up.  Staying home for the entire afternoon was not appealing to me.  I looked online and found out there was a town fair less that 30 minutes from us so I decided to brave it!  (With help from Mike and Sarah!)

We showed up at the fair without getting lost!(There's a plus).  I opened the back of the van to take out the carriage carriage.  Jon had taken it out on Friday before I drove a bunch of kids to the retreat and it had never made it back in the car.:(

So now I couldn't contain Luke and Kate wouldn't have shade.  But, we were there, so I figured we would make the best of it.  Thankfully, I had slathered Kate with sunblock...but it turns out I forgot her hat!

We walked around the game area first and Mike was drawn like a magnet to the basketball game.  He won a medium sized stuffed animal....cute, but something else to carry!

We went over to the 4-H area.  They were judging cows in the main animal area but first we checked out the sheep.  My eyes kept scanning the kids....and while I was looking at  Luke, Peter's hand came very close to a sheep's fanny.  EEEEWWW!

So, just in case, I wanted to wash his hands with a wipe.(After all..he was holding MY hand at the fair!)  I dug through the diaper bag and the only wipes I can find are 2individual packs of a single wipe!!!  Ugh!  Feeling like the!

....Oh, why didn't we get a snack before the animals!

Again, we did the best we could.

Then, we made our way over to the enclosed picnic tables where there was a band playing Christian music.  Cool:)  We found a table in the back so it wasn't too loud for Kate...and she had some shade!  Mike went off to buy some french fries to share and frozen lemonades.  The kids all waited patiently...and Peter had fun wearing my sunglasses.

Everyone enjoyed the snack...especially Peter.  (He loves french fries!)

After snack time we headed off to play some games.  Even Peter played a couple of the carnival games.  It's the first time he really showed any interest in them.  Pete's favorite was throwing darts at balloons!  He managed to pop two...but had no interest in the prizes.  He just wanted to keep popping balloons!

Then we went over to watch the big trucks.  That was Luke's favorite part!

We bought a bag of cotton candy right before we left....a sweet ending to a fun outing!