Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tech Time

I read an article in a magazine today...I think it was Newsweek....about being "too connected".  Part of the article talked about how being constantly connected via Smartphone, Facebook, Twitter, etc. can actually be addictive.  It is actually being researched as a diagnosis.

When I think about how dependent I am on my technology devices, I can understand how it can go to extremes.  While I like the fact that if my kids need me I can be reached pretty much anytime, anywhere, sometimes connection can be too much.

I worry about my kids, too.  They are growing up in a world that only knows constant connection.  My older kids, like many teens, sport cell phones and IPods.  They are frequently texting or online during the day...looking up sports news or stupid youtube videos mostly.  My almost three year old can navigate Peter's Kindle Fire pretty well.(Actually, a little too well.  He has gotten into the Amazon Store a few times and ordered a truck book accidentally!)  

When the older boys were younger, pre cell phones/ipods/or internet, we had a lot of time rules about video games.  They could play for so many minutes once or twice a day, depending if it was a school day or not.  We tried to be limited with TV time too...they frequently heard the phrase, "Enough TV!  Go out and live life!"

At the time they complained about it.  As teenagers, they have told us they are glad we had those rules because, while they all have a great time playing Mario Cart together now, they are glad that video games are not the only thing they are focused on.

I know it's all about balance.  Technology is a tool...and a very useful one at that!  How did we ever do anything without Google?  So many questions answered with just the click of the mouse!  Recipes....the best way to get glue off a shirt...directions...research....etc., etc.  I mean, really, the list is endless.

I just want to make sure that there is a balance...for my kids and for myself.  Thankfully, limits come pretty naturally for me because of all the people I need to take care of.  Even time spent blog hopping comes quickly to an end when a baby, toddler, or older child needs me!

Speaking of that....my 6 month old just crawled across the room to me and is eating a piece of computer paper that fell on the floor!  Guess my tech time is up!!!