Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The "Right Way"

It's been a few days since I blogged last.  It's hard to find uninterrupted time to spend in front of the computer while the kids are awake.  Luke and Kate haven't slept well for a few nights so I am falling asleep on the couch as I'm getting them to bed!

There have been a few things going around in my head the last few days.(It can be a scary place!)  There have been a couple themes that keep popping up that I want to spend more time praying and thinking about. One is about technology...and how much time we (meaning the kids and myself) are spending on the multiple types of electronic devices that each of us owns/operates.

The other theme that keeps popping up is "stuff".  By "stuff" I mean.....
How come everyone has so much "stuff" that they are always leaving all over the place?
Do we have too much "stuff"?
How much "stuff" does everyone really need?

Sunday I was feeling overwhelmed and tired.  On my mind were worries about too much technology...too much junkfood...too much t.v...and there was way too much clutter around the house!

The right way to deal with all these lovely thoughts and feelings would be through talking and lists and prayer to figure out what things I might want myself, or my family, to work on to form some healthier habits.  Oh, and to realize it takes time to change behaviors and routines.......and that the desire to change is a better thing to concentrate on than letting my negative thoughts make me feel like the poster child for "inadequate mothers".

That would have been the "right" way to handle things, too.

Unfortunately, meltdowns are not the way to handle things:(

Thankfully, my family still loves me.
I am trying to do things the "right way"...at least for today!