Friday, October 3, 2014

Quick Take Friday

It's Quick Take Friday once again!

Another quick week, jumping into a new month, and looking forward to a productive is just flying by!

As I mentioned on Monday, I'm doing a little bit of a two week wrap up since I never got to Quick Take Friday last week!

1:  Park Time
This week's weather has been awful!  Lots of rain and dreary days!  (It makes me extra sleepy!) But last Monday was beautiful, and I surprised Luke when I picked him up at school with a trip to the park with a picnic lunch.

Since we went at lunchtime we actually had the place to ourselves!  We did lots of pretend play as Transformers since that is Luke's obsession of the moment!

2. Volleyball
I finally got a chance to go to one of Sarah's volleyball games!  Jay has been to all the home games and some of the local away games.  I'm still adjusting to all my teenagers(aka babysitters) being away or busy!

On my way to the game, I hit lots of traffic, every red light(my specialty!), and........

Goose Crossing!
Only in my town would cars stop for Geese!  Those two were the stragglers!

But....I made it in time.(Which was good since she forgot her knee pads at home that morning!)  I got her to pose for 10 seconds for a quick picture!

Sarah plays J.V. and they have yet to win a game...but she is learning a lot!(and thankfully her hips haven't given her too much trouble!  #Growthplateissues!)

3:  The Papa Gino's Incident
Speaking of Sarah in her uniform....
Last week Jay went to one of Sarah's games.  After the game, campus ministry was having a movie night and Sarah really wanted to stay.  She hadn't eaten, so Jay took Sarah for a quick slice(or 2) of pizza at the local Papa Ginos.  

While they were there, Sarah went into the beverage case to get a water.  Jay happened to spot a teenage boy in the vicinity whose eyes followed her to the case and gave her the once over as she reached into the case to grab her drink.

Well....anyone that knows Jay can imagine how that went!  

So...Jay is staring at this teenager who happens to look back and sees Dad's fiery glaze boring into him!  Jay's chest puffed out and he stepped behind Sarah blocking her view from the boy until they left the restaurant.  Whenever Sarah moved...Jay moved!

I told Sarah she was lucky that he didn't start beating his chest and yelling like a gorilla!

That poor girl will never have a date between her father and brothers!

 #4:  Speaking of sports/games
Jon played the humans vs. zombies game at his college last week.  Everyone that signs up, except for one lone zombie, is a human.  Humans wear a bandana on their arm outside their clothes...zombies wear them on their heads.  Anytime the "humans" are not in a class or building, they are fair game to be tagged by zombies.  If the humans are being chased and throw a balled up pair of socks at the zombie, it "stuns" them for 10 minutes so the human can get away.(Humans can also use nerf guns, too, but only after 6pm)

There were around 100 kids that played the game.  So, there were lots of paranoid students walking around that week trying not to get tagged.  By Thursday night, there were only around 20 humans left when they were given a special "mission" to find 3 balls hidden on the campus.  Jon, who was still a human at that point, actually had one of the balls in his hand when he was tagged.

Because he had one of the balls in his hand when tagged, he became a "super zombie".  (Meaning it would take 5 sock hits/nerf gun hits to stun him.)  

At first, he was really disappointed that he got tagged.  Until he got his first human early the next morning on his way to class!  I think he enjoyed being the hunter!  Since the game ended on Friday, Jon wasn't a zombie for long!
Zombie morning!

5:  New Doctor
My pcp moved out of the area, so I was faced with the dreaded task of finding a new doctor!  I met her yesterday and, at least so far, am super happy!  She is younger, has an infant and a toddler, loves kids and wants a large family, and is very kind.  

She thought it was great that I had a big family.(I left one practice years ago bc one of the NP's was openly derogatory at the number of kids we had and that I wasn't interested in using artificial birth control...and that was when I only had 4 kids!)

In fact, my new doctor even asked me if I was hoping to have more kids!  (Not in my plans....although my crazy husband would jump at the chance!  Hopefully, God likes me better!;)

6:  Luke's Suit
Jay's sister, Julie is getting married in 22 days!(as I've mentioned)  Two weeks ago, I shared the pics of Sarah and Ellie in their bridesmaid dresses.  On Monday night, Jay went to get sized for a tux and took Luke to be sized for a suit.  Luke is Julie's godson and is going to escort the flower girl down the aisle. (I'm really hoping that goes well!)

I asked Luke if he tried a suit on and he said, "Yes, it was black.  And the guy liked Legos when he was little, too!"

It's all about the toys!  Good thing he's cute!

#7:  Double Date!
My friend, Colleen, is giving a new babysitter a dry run.  So, while her son and Ellie are at youth group, us four adults are going to head out for a quick dinner!  Jay and I haven't been on a date in a loooong time!  So this should be fun!

Have a great weekend!