Friday, October 31, 2014

Quick Take Friday: Goofy Wedding Shots Edition

Quick Take Friday!  I'm sharing those silly pics from the wedding that I promised on Wednesday!  Have a fun Halloween and a Happy Birthday, Pepere and my Aunt Carolyn!  

#1:  Strike a Pose

Mike and Sarah...making me think of a spy movie.  "My name is Bond, James Bond...."

#2:  Bust a Move
Luke and Brayden were dancing machines before anyone else even had dinner!  They had SO much fun.....

Jon was a multitasker himself that night and busted a move and the chandelier all at the same time!  Thankfully he was able to fix it!  

#3:  Joe Cool...aka Jon Cool
Some of my kids like to ham it up more than others. (Cough, cough...Jon!)  This occasion was no exception!
Me:  Look at me and take a nice picture with your father.

#4:  Silliness is Contagious
Sarah is goofiest around her brothers...#badinfluences!

#5:  The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree
And in case you were wondering where some of my children haven't gotten this "silliness" from, look no further.....Jay, Mike and Jon singing to Andrew.  Just because.....

More evidence.....

#6:  Photobombs
From all directions!
 #7:  More 'Strike a Pose"
Sarah and Mike

Silly....but very fun family memories!  Have a great weekend!