Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Out of My Comfort Zone!

I'm happy to report that Peter's stomach virus was very short-lived!  His fever was gone by Monday afternoon and he was completely better on Tuesday.  Of course, I kept him home, but he was eating anything and everything....making up for lost time, I guess!

Yesterday afternoon, my friend Laura and I set up a table with our principal's help at Ellie's school to try and get more sign-ups for the Momnipotent book study we are planning on running for moms at the school.  This whole thing is way outside my comfort zone!  Doing a small book club made out of close friends in my living room is one thing....trying to run it on a larger scale with more components is quite another!

But, ever since I read the book Momnipotent by Danielle Bean over the summer with 6 other women and a gaggle of children running around(seriously there were about 20 kids age 13 and under!), I couldn't shake the thought that it would be a great book to read with a larger group of moms that could use some encouragement and a faith boost!  It wasn't my intention to run anything big.  I thought I would just be that idea person that handed off to another woman more qualified to run it!

Sometimes, though, God has other plans!

I was so glad that Laura could go with me yesterday.  I knew setting up the table so women could see the book and the people running it was a good idea(plus I brought cookies...nothing wrong with some tasty bribery;)!  But, when I was heading over to set up, the fear gripped me with thoughts of, "What if no one even talks to me...I'll just be standing behind a table in a crowd of parents feeling like a guppy in a fish bowl!"  My prayer and focus from the beginning has been that if God wants this book club to run, then He will provide the women that are meant to be there.  I just have to do my part to invite and help get the word out.  Of course, that focus feels much better when I'm behind a computer screen drafting an insert for the Friday folder and not in the middle of a crowd!

I'm happy to say that Laura and I spoke to quite a few women.  Some were interested but had schedule conflicts, distance issues, or babysitter woes.  We did get 5 extra women to sign up which brought the total to 12....and that doesn't count my "little book club" friends who are participating as small group leaders!

I think 12 is a great number to start...and maybe we will get a few more women who are on the fence before it starts next week.  Our principal, who is super supportive and even joining in herself(!), is going to order a few extra books/journals just in case.  The line from Field of Dreams, changed slightly to fit this situation keeps floating through my head,
"If you buy the books, they will come."

lol...I need more sleep!

That's all the excitement for today!  Now I'm off to prep dinner, finish folding laundry, fill the dishwasher, and "encourage" kids to start doing some clean up!  You know....all the normal 'mom stuff'!