Thursday, October 2, 2014

TBT...Fall Style

I'm a little late to the game, but it's still an hour and a half until Friday!  I can still sneak in a Throw Back Thursday pic!

This picture is Fall themed....taken at our local apple orchard before our annual apple picking excursion.

I'm pretty sure I used this picture on our Christmas cards that year.  This picture was taken in the Fall of 2008.  This is when we only had six children!  Little did we know that about 2 months later, we would find out about a little surprise that God had in store for us!(a.k.a. Luke, who would arrive 9 months later in 8/09)

Six years doesn't seem like a long time, but it sure makes a difference when you have children!  Sometimes I wish I could go back in time, just for a few minutes, to soak up those moments!  When kids are young, it feels like time goes by so slow.  And then one day, you realize just how much time has passed and you wish everything could just slow down!  (I haven't figured out a way to do that, yet!)

One of the blessings of having Luke and Kate is that we appreciate the every day moments more.  I'm more inclined to take each day in and savor it.  After all, their 6 ft.+ brothers in college were just  playing farm with their Fisher Price animals and making a zoo in their bedroom with their Beanie Babies...or so it seems.  

Okay...back to the present!  I've got to get myself to bed because morning comes early...and my middle of the night visitors never disappoint me!(insert eye roll here!)  

But, you know what, I don't mind it completely!  I have the inside knowledge that it won't last forever!  (At least I think it won't....Luke certainly is pushing the boundaries on just about every "record" in our house!  Longest to potty train, longest to sleep through the night, longest to sleep independently!)

I just keep telling myself that he certainly won't be in my bed when he's a teenager! 

So, good news, Honey!  I can guarantee that we will have our bedroom back to ourselves in no more than 7 years!.........Just in time for the grandchildren to start arriving!;)