Monday, October 20, 2014

Til Death Do Us Part

My "All Things Bridal" week continues! Image result for bridal cartoon pictures

In only 5 more days, by sister-in-law, Julie, will tie the knot!  Very exciting!!!

And speaking of marriage......

This showed up in my Facebook news feed this morning.

82 years!  Wow!

I "shared" the pic and tagged Jay with the message...
"Here's our competition!  And only 16 great-grandchildren...that should be easy!;)

We have been blessed to come from families that have had strong, faithful marriages.  Their "Until death do us part" vows were lived to the fullest.  I think that living your life together as husband and wife...working through the "bad" times and enjoying the "good" times, taking advantage of the healthy years and caring for each other during times marked by a beautiful thing.  It isn't easy!  But, seeing elderly couples that have a deep love and respect for each other after spending a lifetime together is just as romantic as a young couple saying their 'I do's'!

My Dad's parents were married close to the 50 year mark when my grandfather passed away.  My Mom's dad passed away in her late teens but her parents had been married over 25 years.  Then, my Memere remarried two years before I was born.  The man she married, who has always been as much of a Pepere to me as my Mom's biological father would have been, had lost his wife of over 25 years as well.  Memere and Pepere were married over 30 years before she passed away.  Pretty impressive to have 2 long-lasting relationships!  Even though it has been over 10 years, I don't think I will ever forget the sound of his voice calling her across their house!  They were both French Canadian and didn't pronounce their 'h's in words so his, 'Hey, Sweetheart' sounded like "Ey, Sweeteart".  So cute!

Jay's Maternal grandparents were married over 55 years!  His Paternal grandparents were married over 65 years!  Those are some pretty impressive numbers!

Our own parents are working their way to their own Golden Anniversaries!  My parents celebrated their 44th Anniversary and Jay's parents celebrated their 42nd Anniversary this past June.

Jay and I got married young so, in theory, with God's grace to have good health, we might have an opportunity to attempt that record for America's longest married couple!

Regardless, when I think of our grandparents looking back over their lives and knowing the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren that are in the world because of their love and God's grace, that's got to be a pretty awesome feeling.

Jay's paternal grandparents, in particular, have a lot of people in the world because of their love.  They have 11 children, 30 grandchildren(if I counted right!), and 18 great-grandchildren.(and there are still many grandchildren that are newly married, unmarried young adults, a few teenagers, and one in elementary school that will add to that number in the future!)  Jay's grandfather is in his early 90's and still going strong.  Who know's....he might even be blessed to hold a great-great grandchild!  (and Grandpa loves holding babies!)

Just this summer there was a Hamel family reunion and pictures were taken with all the family members that could be there.  Even though there were quite a few missing, that picture was pretty impressive.  You could just see the happiness and pride all over Jay's grandfather's face!

Jay frequently jokes that one day when we are old we will sit in matching rocking chairs on our front porch holding hands together.  (Of course, we will have to have a different house because this one has no front porch!)

Front porch or not, I hope that we will be surrounded by our children and their families...with lots of grandbabies!...with smiles on our faces and prayers of gratitude in our hearts to God who has blessed us so abundantly!