Monday, September 29, 2014

A Full, Fun Weekend!

Well, I completely missed Quick Take Friday because of a crazy day that continued into a crazy, but fun, weekend!  I think that I will combine this week's wrap up with next week's wrap up and just jump right into our busy, busy weekend!

This past weekend was Family Weekend at Assumption.  On Saturday, we got a babysitter for Peter and the rest of us headed up for a visit with Andrew and Mike.  It was a beautiful day out.  We got to Assumption at lunch time and, surprisingly, the boys did not want to eat at the cafeteria!  Shocking...

So, we picked them up and headed over the Texas Roadhouse.
Jay with his girls

The best pic I could get since they were being goofy!

Luke was too busy to look at the camera!
The school had some activities for the kids....

....a blow up corn maze.  I guess that's how they do corn mazes in the city!
Sarah was nice enough to pose outside since Kate and Luke were already running around like nuts inside!

They also had a corn hole game...

(Mike won)



ice cream sandwich snack

candy apple snack

Me and the "big boys"

+ Luke

Luke climbed every.rock.he.passed

Jay and Andrew, who is sporting his Assumption shirt
Mike took us to see his apartment.  It's small but much bigger than his dorm last year.  Mike and his roommates did a good job cleaning before we got there!  We got to hang out there for a while before heading home.  (We did leave them with homemade chocolate chip cookies that Sarah and I made that morning!:)
We headed home mid-afternoon.  All the kids except Luke fell asleep.  Luke does not like driving for long in the car...."Why is it soooooo far away!?!"  It's not that bad really...only a little over an hour.  I guess I have to be more inventive in packing his backpack with things to entertain him!  

We got home and Jay and I had less than an hour to get the kids settled and get dressed for an adults only birthday party we had that night!(We do nothing for weeks on end and then everything lands on the same weekend!)  It was a fun night's nice to feel like a grown-up every once in a while;)

Boy was it hard getting up to get ready for 8am Mass Sunday morning!  Then we got to hang around for a while.  I got to exercise...mostly out of guilt for the day before!  (The roll with that awesome butter at Texas Roadhouse, fresh caramel kettle corn at Assumption, and then drinks and a cupcake at the party!.....but they were worth the calories!)

On Sunday afternoon, I got to go on a girls only shopping trip with some of my 'fashionista' friends...and us fashionista wanna be's!  We had so much fun!  I got a dress for my sister-in-law's rehearsal dinner and some clothes for fall.  Dinner at Pizzeria Uno rounded off the guilt there though!  We ordered the flat bread whole grain pizzas!:) 

...Of course, we did go into the Lindt store because they were giving out free samples!:) 

Free=no calories, right? No?  Well, we walked around a lot so I'm sure it all works out!

A full but fun weekend!  (I can't wait for another shopping day!)