Friday, September 19, 2014

And It's Friday Again!

This week flew right on least for me!  I'm looking forward to another football weekend with some good food...including a couple of new recipes I'm trying.  There's something about using ingredients that are special for Fall---like pumpkin.  I will let you know how it goes....

Here's the weekly Friday wrap-up.  Special thanks to Jen for hosting!

1.  Sleep Unsuccess
So, last week we had some sleep success and I was mildly hopeful that we were on a new road to better (and more!) solid, straight sleep time.  Well...not so much this week!  Luke and Kate have both been off all week and I'm feeling a little frayed and droopy eyed!  Jay told me yesterday at dinner time that I looked like I was going to bite someone. So, then I had this sign in my head all night...

And on a side note....while I was looking for the image above I came upon the following that I just had to share with you!  I'm glad there aren't any tapirs in our local zoo!  (....but it got me thinking about the numerous signs that could be made about boys that can't aim!;)

2.  Fridge update
I'm still loving my new fridge.  It totally passed the grocery store challenge test!  I got all the groceries in without any stress or stuffing required!(insert angels singing here!)

3. I Cannot Remember A Thing!
Seriously, my brain is fried.  I have no brain cells left.  I forget a thought about a minute and a half after I think it.  I have no ability to focus!  I start in one room....then head to another room for a purpose....get side-tracked multiple times and an hour later I realize that I forgot all about doing the thing I was supposed to do in the first place!  Maybe it's connected to the sleep issue....or the being 40 issue.  Maybe I just need some Ginko Biloba!

4. Where are the spoons?
Anyone else have problems with missing silverware?  I have noticed lately that we are always short on spoons.  I'm not sure where they all went...but I think I need to pick up another set!
5.  Parenting Laziness
I am totally a lazy parent!  We got an email yesterday from Sarah's school that they were having a meeting next week for parents on what to expect for Sarah for sophomore year and what to look forward to next year as juniors.  The following was my thought process after I read the email.....
?What the What?
A whole meeting?  Really?  Can't it just be an email?  There was no "what to expect sophomore year" meeting when Jon and Andrew were in 10th grade?  Seriously? I have to feel guilt if I don't go and annoyed if I do!

See....lazy parent!  

(I'll probably just send Jay;)  

6.  Weekend Line-up
This weekend will be full.  Sarah had practice Saturday am and when I pick her up, we(me, Ellie and Sarah) will head to a bridesmaid dress fitting for my sil, Julie's, wedding next month.  Then there will hopefully be some cleaning done....strike the hopefully.  There will be some cleaning done in the afternoon because our house has been ignored for way.too.long!  

Mike is coming home on Saturday at some point before dinner.(bc he wants as many home cooked meals as he can get before heading back Sunday night...after dinner I'm sure!)  Mike is doing observation hours for his education courses and needs some dress shirts and ties.  So, he is coming home to raid all his brother's shirts/ties and probably Jay's, too!

We will have football Sunday again with some special food and, hopefully, just some good family time!  We really need that!

7.  And Last But Not Least!.....
Today is a very special day for some our closest friends!  Our friends, Bud and Kim, were open to life and God answered their prayers for children through adoption.  We were blessed to be a part of their lives both times they adopted...both times from China....and both times brought a special little girl that was meant just for them to love and guide!

Today is the anniversary of their Forever Family Day for their 2nd daughter, Catherine.  It's hard to believe that ten years has passed!  I still remember picking them up at their airport and getting to see their older daughter, Colette(who is also our godchild), meet her baby sister for the first time.

As the commercial says.......Priceless!'s a throw back Thursday on a Friday!  This is a pic of the Miller family not too long after they became a family of four!  I hope you guys have an awesome day!

And on that happy note....have a great weekend!  GO PATRIOTS!