Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Adventures in Oral Surgery Land!

Today was an up and early day...Luke had a really bad cavity in one of his teeth and needed to have it removed by the oral surgeon.  I have been prepping him for a week on what to expect and what to do.(Drink the medicine, watch cartoons, open your mouth for the dentist, and sit still so he can wiggle your 'sleeping tooth' out.)

I was a little stressed.  Thankfully, Jay was able to come with me for the appointment.  Luke really did a great job.  He drank all the medicine even though he clearly didn't like it.  (After each of the 20 little sips it took for him to finish it he made a very funny face and shook his head...but he never complained!)

Watching the meds take effect was comical.  He just started sliding around with a super goofy smile on his face.  To say he was relaxed was an understatement!  It worked, though, because the doctor didn't need to use the nitrous(which saved us $110...thank-you, Luke!)  Luke was super cooperative, barely complained except for the moment the tooth came out(bc there were all kinds of hands holding him in one place, not from pain!), and was a real trooper!

Jay had to carry him to the car.(Another great reason he was there!)  Luke was still so loopy that he couldn't sit up straight in his booster seat.  I sat next to him on the way home and helped to hold him up while Jay drove.

Luke was so upset on the way home.  Poor little guy was all confused over the way the meds made him feel.  He kept crying that we were going home because he didn't think the doctor had taken out his tooth!

Some of the funnier moments:

While sitting against me with his head on my arm in the car:
Luke:  You're not even my mom!
Me:  Of course I am, silly.
Luke:  No, I can't even see you!
Me:(moving forward so he could see my face) It's me!
Luke: Oh

I had a roll of paper towels in my lap on the way home for the drool/blood/tears/fear of vomit...
Luke: Why do you have three legs?

When Jay brought Luke in the house:
Luke: Daddy, why do you have three eyes?

While Luke was resting watching the Lego Movie:
Luke:(giggling) Look, Mommy, there are two Emmets!
(that happened multiple times during the first 2/3 of the movie!)

I should have video taped it and showed it to him when his was a teenager...
"And this is why you shouldn't drink too much alcohol or do drugs!"

By the time the Lego Movie was over, Luke could walk on his own without falling down! (Ahh...progress!:)

He had a perfectly normal afternoon with lots of time in the sandbox and even a lunch treat from Pa.
Luke is showing everyone the tooth...cavity and all!

Here's hoping for a nice, boring rest of the week!