Thursday, September 18, 2014

Throw Back Thursday-Family Style

I was looking through my box o' pictures for some inspiration for today's Throw Back Thursday post.  I have slowly begun the process of trying to organize all those pictures.  I got some manila envelopes and labeled them with different titles:  pre-Ellie, Ellie >2, Ellie before Luke, Luke, and Kate.  I work on it occasionally....and it feels like it will take forever!  But, every little bit counts and I don't want to continue to develop new pics until I sort out all of the old ones.

....and of course I take news pictures multiple times a week so there's LOTS of photos waiting to be developed!  OY!

Well, as I heard in a movie once, "All forward progress counts!"  So, that's what I'm focusing on!


This picture is from a family Disney trip in 2008.  We are very blessed that my parents(especially my mom) are Disney fanatics and enjoy sharing their 'Disney love' with their grandchildren!  For this particular trip my sister and I had t-shirts made for the whole family to surprise my parents with.  

To understand why we wrote on it what we did, you should know that my mom is a redhead and that she is the giant organizer of vacations...especially all things Disney!

On the front of the shirt it says Disney Family Vacation 2008...on the back each shirt had something a little different.  My tshirt says, "Red Leader's Daughter #1", Jay's shirt says "Red Leader's Son-in-law", Andrew's shirt says, "Red Leader's Grandson #2"....and so on.  We got lots of compliments from random people in the park, and my parents loved the surprise.  (Thanks to a washer and dryer in our hotel suite, we got to wear the shirts on multiple days, too!)

Of course, none of the kids wouldn't fit in their shirts from 2008 now!  That was our "little" family of six!(and about 10 months before we would find out that God had more children in mind for us!)

This picture felt like a good fit for this week....seeing all the older boys younger and still an everyday part of family life.  

Jay and I miss that!(sniff)

Happy almost Friday!!!