Friday, September 5, 2014

Sooo Glad It's Friday! we are at Friday again!  That went by fast!  Joining up with Jen bc it's the Friday thing to do!

#1:  School For All
Well....almost.  Kate is still with me and I'm in no rush for her to be anywhere else!  

Luke started pre-school this week and Jon started at UMass so everyone that is supposed to be in school has begun!  If you didn't catch the cute pics of Luke on his first day, (yeah, I know I'm biased!), click on over and check them out.:)

It's been quiet mornings here with just the two of us and I'm enjoying the time.  I don't think I will ever catch up on all the cleaning/organizing I am behind on....but I'm trying!  

#2:  Reasons To Clean
I started on our bedroom because sooner or later this month we will probably be doing some room switcheroos to try and figure out the best combos for sleeping.  Ten bucks Luke and Kate still end up in my bed for the next several months...or years:/....but we are trying!

(do you see a theme developing out of nowhere!)

#3: Ch..Ch..Changes
(stolen from my friend, Colleen)
There's been a lot of that around here lately.  Mike and Andrew have, so far, been adjusting well to school and life on their own.  I have gotten almost daily texts from both of them...and a few phone calls from Mike.  I'm glad they are doing well.

And to anyone who was wondering, I did not need the tissues when I dropped off Andrew.  My heart was a little heavy and there were some tears in my eyes, but that's where they stayed.  (That may have been because of the texts Jon kept sending Jay while we were helping Andrew settle in, "Has mom started crying yet?"....or that Andrew whispered to Jay as we were leaving, "Text me when mom starts crying!"  It triggered my competitive side!)

#4:  On the Subject of Change....
Sarah had early am volleyball practice on the morning Andrew moved to Assumption.  He was sleeping when she was ready to leave so I told her to go wake him up to say goodbye.  She came out of the room crying a little but had to head out to practice.  A few minutes after Sarah left, Andrew walked out sleepily from his room...

Me: You made your sister cry.
Andrew:  Yeah, she almost made me cry, too...waking me up so early.

Ugh...boys. So much for sentiment!    

#5:  New Family Dynamics
With Andrew and Mike both gone, things feel a lot different around here.  The positives are that we can slurp and sing all we want without irritating Andrew. And the little kids don't have to worry about being quiet if Mike's in one of his "why do little kids have to be so loud" moods. :)  

But it feels really strange around here.  Jon has been out a lot, too, between school, friends, and clubs with a little karate thrown in!  I don't think that Jon is loving the changes too much either, though.  As much as he has always grown up in the shadow of two older brothers that are so close in age, having them gone leaves a lot of emptiness around here.  I don't think he's loving being the oldest child in the house....(it has popped the bubble of all those times his brothers drove him crazy and he dreamed of being the oldest!)

Sarah feels a little lost with all her big brothers gone/or busy.  I think she's feeling a little left behind....although she is pretty busy herself with a challenging school schedule and volleyball practice/games!

Actually, I'm the biggest loser since I've lost all my helpers in one fell swoop!

#6:  Surgery Success
Thanks for all of the prayers for my mom!  She had knee replacement surgery on Tuesday and is doing fabulous!  She has very little pain, even without the painkillers!  She was doing so well that she came home a day early and very much enjoyed sleeping in her own bed.  Hospitals are no place to rest! (That's why, whenever I have a baby, one of the first things I say after he/she is born is "Start the clock, I'm leaving in 24 hours!")

#7:  Hanging Out
Luke, Kate and I were just hanging out yesterday afternoon.  They were playing and being cute, which was great since I was feeling kind of lousy.  I had that urge to grab the camera and take some of those everyday shots of little ones whose faces are changing right before my eyes!  Here's my favorite.....

I'm thinking this one might have to go on canvas for our picture wall!  My baby is growing up!  It's just not right how fast they grow!

I hope you have a great weekend full of lots of everyday moments!